Featured Students


Abraham Delgado, RN (Dallas, TX)

Abraham Delgado is a student nurse from Dallas, Texas and was in the US Marine Corp reserves. He is originally from Mexico and as the son of immigrants he wants to achieve the American Dream for them and for himself.

As a kid he remembers getting into a lot of accidents that required him going to seek medical assistance. He remembered Leticia, the nurse that took care of him. He describes a nurse as honorable and flexible, because nurses are both compassionate and able to adjust to various situations. These are just some of the qualities that make up a nurse.

Cesar Rivera, BSN, RN (Los Angeles, CA)

This is Cesar Rivera. He is a male nurse from California. He graduated in 2015, and just received a job offer in Los Angeles.

He decided to be a nurse because it allows him to follow different paths, help people and educate the community. He struggled with certain subjects, but he used his resources and spent extra time talking to professors and counselors. Cesar likes to volunteer in health fairs, and he mentors young children aside from his nursing career.

From the moment he discovered how much he could do and the impact he could have, he knew nursing was for him. Passionate, is the word he uses to describe nursing.

Jesse Navarro, BSN, RN, PHN (Orange County, CA)

Jesse Navarro from Tustin, California is familiar with the hospital environment. As child, Jesse was musically fans no verification or survey a bit of a daredevil, something that landed him in the hospital several times. He would go on to join the military.

During one of his training exercises he was injured and spent some time in the hospital due to fractures to his right ankle. During that time he fell in love with the nursing field.

As a recent nursing graduate he hopes to be the one providing other veterans with the same quality care he received.  He plans to use his RN license and nursing degree as an officer in the Navy.

Daniel Montes (Chicago, IL)